Though we found out about this a week ago at least I haven’t said anything about it because I REALLY want it to work out and would be a bit dissapointed if it doesn’t…

Anyways.. here in Quebec we have gotten a new Maternity leave program. You may or may not know this but Canada has a year of paid Maternity for moms with some of that availible to dads.

However, Quebec has brought it even further starting in January this year…
First change, The Salary cap has risen from the 37000/year that Canada has, to 52000/year for quebec moms and dads. Also, the leave has been made into two programs availible for both employed and self-employed parents as long as they are making at least 2000$ a year.
Second change is that the Leave has been seperated into 3 parts… Maternal Leave, Paternal leave and Parental leave. The Maternal is the mom’s and cannot be shared with the dad, the paternal leave is the opposite and cannot be shared with the mom, the parental can be taken or shared by either.
Another change is that there are two programs availible when a baby is born. (there are also options for adoption)
Option A (longer leave with less money):

  • Maternal:18 weeks at 70% of Salary,
  • Paternal: 5 weeks at 70%,
  • Parental: 7 weeks at 70% and then 25 weeks at 55%

Option B

  • Maternal: 15 weeks at 75%
  • Paternal: 3 weeks at 75%
  • Parental: 25 weeks at 75%

Because we are a one Salary household and I am a SAHM we need the more money option and because I will not be using any of it, Simon will be able to take it all to himself if he chooses. (which of course he would love!)

The 25% less salary will make a difference but not by much when you take away the transportation costs (his bus pass is 200$ a month) and the bit more money that will be entering the house with the birth of another child…

So if all goes well, Simon will be able to take a 28 week leave!!!! (paternal + parental)

I can’t believe it! I can’t even imagine us being a full time family for almost 7 months! Being able to do things as a family. Being able to get things done around the house and spend time with the kids. Simon being able to see and experience the new baby to the fullest…

Keep your fingers crossed for us…