Last week I bought a new (well, new to me) stroller.

We do already have a stroller but because we don’t really use strollers, especially in the first year, it is not a stroller that fits younger babies…  but with the upcoming trip I thought that it might come in useful, if not to carry her, to carry my bag and other stuff that I will have… It will also provide a place for me to put her down for whatever reason.

I was about to buy a new stroller, but then decided that a used better quality stroller would be better and I am so happy with my decision.

I decided on a Bebecar. A stroller that bought new runs around 650$… I got it used, in great condition for 200$. For small babies, it can be made into a bassinet rear facing and when they get older the are forward facing and can go from laying down to upright completely. The wheels are big and air filled so it can go everywhere and it also has great suspension…

new stroller

The day after I bought it I took her for a walk,  I put the sheep skin that she sleeps on in it and just a blanket on top of her  and she loved it and slept most of the way… it is also been great in the sewing room while I sew.

night in my sewing room

Willa while I am sewing