I am now on day 16 of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) in which the goal is to post a blog post a day for a whole month.

Surprisingly it hasn’t been too hard up to now. I think the habit of writing everyday is sinking in slowly and now I find myself thinking about posting and trying to find things to post about. I used to look at the my blog dashboard and shy away because it was no longer a habit and now it is feeling natural again. (though I do look forward to having a small break)

I have been wanting to write a few parenting posts and I have a few subject that I know I want to touch on, or go back on, since many of my posts are now a bit outdated. (for me) But,  each time I sit down to write one I have trouble getting the words out. It is like that idea is there, but the passion that I need to write it is just not there at the moment.

That got me to thinking of why. I think that one of the ways posting was made easier over the years was to participate in online forums. If you have even been active on an online forum you will know that not only are they a “time-suck” but they are also breeding grounds for drama. I would read or participate in a post and then I would come here and rant and let all of my opinions out. That is of course how and why my blog started in the first place.

I need to find a way to find that voice somewhere else now. I don’t want to be sucked into the drama anymore, but I enjoy sharing my parenting views and I believe that there are people that like reading them also. So I am going to make an effort to find that passion in another way so that I can get these posts out of my head and onto the blog where they belong. I am also going to go back to a few of my older posts and re-work them and include the parenting experience that I have now.

Stay tuned…