My introduction to the internet and to the whole “online” thing was through message boards…. I have always loved being able to talk to people in other parts of the world, or even people close to me… I would have loved to have a penpal when I was young… and I did try, but we moved too much and too often….

Message boards were like getting my wish….

When I was pregnant with Xavier, message boards took on a whole new meaning… a whole new way to make connections with people that had simular interests as me… a way to learn things from others also. However, with the community, especially a public one like Babycenter attitudes clash, trolls come in just to make trouble, people post about things that I would rather not read and tentions soar high at times…. I started this rant because things were too hard to read… people making their kids CIO, people not even trying to breastfeed and then spreading bad info about breastfeeding. People talking about Circ and just other things that just make me mad…. I would find myself writing long and heartfelt posts only to not send them because I would have been attacked…. So I decided to start this blog…. my place to rant when reading the boards…. the more I came here though, the less I went on the boards, the less I needed to rant, but then this blog became more then just a place to rant (though it still serves its purpose!)

I stopped going to the birthboard on Babycenter a few months ago because it just made me mad… and now I have stopped going to the AP board (or I am i the process of stopping) for the same reason… I tried to post a bit on the Mothering forums but they are just too big with o many member and it is easy to get kind of lost…. So I decided to start my own 😉

On the Babycenter AP board people talk about moving on to “Greener Pastures” when they talk about moving on to better AP boards… so I decided to use the name… making my own Greener Pastures

Everyone is invited if they are interested in talking about natural living, breastfeeding, positive parenting etc…. and even if you are not yet a parent please join in if you have questions… of course, for now we are only 3 member and there are only 4 posts… but I hope it will become a small comfortable community…