My computer told me this morning that I am 32 weeks…

Not much has changed since last week for me,  but I thought I would share these few pics…

These are me , in my mom.

My mom has always told me that these are X-rays. While I was scanning them and really looking at them I was wondering if they really are. You can’t see much dense tissue like bone, but then when looking at the last two and looking at my head/skull you can see where the teeth would be etc…  any insight would be great!

The first here is at 7 1/2 months pregnant. You can’t see much on it except that I was head down.

7 1/2 months of pregnancy

The other two are a lot more telling. these were taken 4 1/2 hourse before I was born.

My mom had a long labour and I was posterior, as you can see on this first one, my head is down and looking towards my mom’s front. You can see the curve of my back along towards her back and my knees giving her that bulge on the top of her uterus.

4 1/2 hours before I was born

They tried to turn me and you can see in this second one that I have turned a bit and I am slightly lower. If you can’t make it out much, look at the bottom and you can see the roundness of my head facing the camera.

4 1/2 hours before I was born

I find these pics amazing (not only that it is me) especially when I am feeling my own little baby inside and I can visualize what I am feeling…