On Tuesday I went to a LLL meeting and I was so upset when I realized half way there while on the highway that I had forgotten my ER wrap… I felt so naked and panicked a bit about how I was going to wear Khéna.. I had a Maman Kangourou stretchy with me but the stretch isn't working well anymore with him and the Maman Kangourou is also too narrow for my liking… then I remembered that I had a scarf/shawl on me and I made a makeshift sling out of that, It worked out really well but I really missed my wrap the whole time…. 

The meeting was OK… a weird lady came in that had weight gain issues with her dd… at 5 1/2 months she was only about 10 lbs… she then talked about scheduled feeding and 12 hour nights and that she didn't want to change that because she had worked hard to get it that way….

I think we all heard crickets chirping and jaws hit the floor.. How can someone be so ignorant!!!!It is already bad enough to do that with a healthy child, but to schedule a babies feedings and make CIO a child that has serious weight gain concerns? That is abuse IMO…  After the meeting she then talked to someone about Babywise.. gladly we pointed out how evil BW was and how warnings about the book have been put out because of babies failing to thrive because of the devil called "Ezzo"….  I really can't understand how people can actually think that that is an acceptable way of Parenting and don't realize how cruel it is… I mean you don't have be AP… but CIO, scheduled feedings etc are an abuse of power… kids are not objects….

On lighter note… after the meeting I commented to another mom there how much I loved her Baby wearing coat…  we started talking quickly about the babywearer forums and she asked who I was there… I said Paxye and she was surprised and said "you're paxye!.. THE paxye!" I was so embarrased lol… I forget at times that people read my blog and "know"who I am…. what is fun though is that she e-mailed me later on to get together one day.. Hopefully that can be soon…