First.. On Saturday I went shopping for some things that we needed in the house and before I left the mall I stopped in at the "Singer" store… right there… I saw it… A great. sturdy looking, cute little Serger with an amazing price… It started calling to me..

The price… 229$ Canadian…  It is a used machine but will be given to me in great condition and with a 5 year guarantee,and a free class… Furthermore, it can be traded in at anytime and will be credited the amount that I paid for it against a new machine…. 

I am so excited to get it and should be able tp pick it up today…  I have many plans for that little machine…


I am still waiting for my Babyhawk… another thing that I can't wait to get… I know that they got the material 2 weeks ago at the least so with the 5-10 days to make it and then send it it shouldn't be too long now… (I hope)