This morning, I went to pick Wilhelmina up and my back went out… I have had back pain before, I have never had that before. Except for maybe some of the back labour I went though, except that there are pauses between contractions. This just won’t stop.

It took all of my strength to get back into the living room from the bathroom. I called my Chiro and she said to get up and walk, and that she would come by the house. I took some Advil walked around and felt like I was in labour.

Xavier stepped up and made breakfast for the others and would pick up Wilhelmina for me when I needed help and was great help overall… it is such a great thing to have a big kid around.

The Chiro came over and massaged me a bit and then gave me some stretches to do. Simon came home early and I trying to move around and keep stretching even though my body is screaming at me to not move…

Needless to say, I had to cancel my workshops for tomorrow.

The next will be on the 4th of December.