The civil Status Office called me this morning. They got the forms to register Khéna’s birth but she said that she would be sending us another form that needed o be signed by a doctor. I told her that that was the reason that I had included the letter from the midwife. But guess what… they seemed to have misplaced the letter from the midwife. The lady had no clue that the letter was in the envelope. I told her that I made sure that it was in there because I knew that they needed it and I asked her to look in the envelope again… she said that she is not the one that opens the mail….

Khéna started to cry, probably feeling my stress rising and she said that she would see what she could do and call me back… about an hour later she did and said that she talked to her superior and asked if she could have the name and phone number of the midwife. So I handed that over to her. Hopefully that will be enough. They will call me back with news.
Another phone call today was from a Nurse at the CLSC… she will be coming by tomorrow to see us… It is a nurse that I know and that I talked about UC while I was pregnant so it will be fun to see her and to share how things went…she was a bit surprised when she had found out what I was planning, and was bit surprised that it had worked out so maybe it will give her a good view that birth can actually be natural.