Last weekend I made my garden. Last year I didn’t have a garden because I was gone for 6 weeks and it didn’t make sense to have a garden that could not be tended and that could not be harvested when needed… I just hope that everything grows well this year because for now the weather has been a bit on the cool side for June…

My garden is not big but I think it is just a good size for our family for some of the basics…

This year I only put a few things in the main garden and the rest are in containers and I like the idea and the look that it give the yard also…. I might get a few more things but for now I am quite happy with the selection…

Here is the main garden…

the garden



Lettuce and Shallots

lettuce and shallots

Strawberries and mint

strawberries and mint

Various herbs….


More strawberries (another variety)




I will be transplanting a few of these in the fall so that they will grow again next year… like the blueberries, the strawberries and the mint… we already have a raspberry bush in the back of the yard that grows more each year. It will be great to be able to get a few fresh berries during the summer for breakfast and desserts….