I know that I am overweight, there is no denying that I need to shed a few pounds.

Here is the thing though, as you know, I am 8 weeks pregnant  with my fourth child.

Usually, I am OK with my “fluffiness” but  right now, it just makes me feel really self conscious.

If you have had more than one child, you know that you start showing earlier.

But when you are overweight and pregnant you don’t get that cute little pouch or  the slightly bloated look as other women seem to get… your fat seems to be pushed up into a permanent muffin top that is there whatever you wear, even if you are wearing nothing. I can’t get away from it and whatever I wear can’t hide it…

I just can’t wait to start looking pregnant instead of just fat… the worst of it is that I have even lost about 7 lbs since I found out…

Petty complaint but it feels good to voice it….