The last few days have been gorgeous so we have been playing outside quite a bit… Before now it was either too cold and we couldn’t stay out for more then a few minutes, or it was too warm and the snow was just too wet and slushy… However, the temp has been perfect the last few days….

When we bought the house two years ago… (OMG it has already been two years!!) Anyways… we bought the house in the dead of Winter (Feb 22nd) and when we first visited the house we noticed something that we thought was pretty cool…. there is a door on our patio that leads nowhere…. the pool used to be next to the patio but they had moved it a while back…

In the summer we keep the door closed and locked, but in the winter we push all the snow that accumulates on the patio (and it is a big patio) out the door and we can make a hill of snow….

Last year Xavier wasn’t to interested to play outside much but this year he is having fun… especially on the hill…

Of course I had to take pics… and of course they are more on Flickr….

The hill…

the yard

Xavier Sliding….

xavier sliding




Colin…. He looks like a green Gingerbread man from behind….



Just to show how much snow we have in the yard…

Here is the slide….

june05 7191

Here is the side today….

slide now...