First… we had an earthquake a few days ago… OMG!! I know that it might not be much for others but the epicentre was not too far away and it measured at  4.5 and lasted at least 15 seconds… For some, that is nothing, but when you are not used to earthquakes and don’t expect them, it is something to talk about. It was Simon’s first earthquake and my third, it is really not something that we expect to feel so it really took us by surprise. It was just after midnight and I was still awake and Simon was just coming to bed from having fallen asleep with the boys. We heard a big bang and it sounded like a truck was scraping the road and our bed was shaking. Our bed is on the floor in the basement so it really should not be shaking! Simon got up and looked out the window and of course saw nothing and it was then I said it must be an earthquake.. I went on facebook to see if I was the only one and wrote an update and within seconds saw many more that felt the same. Facebook was buzzing way before the news actually hit.

Again, for some that experience earthquakes on a regular basis, a quake of 4.5 is nothing and may not even hit the news, but for people that don’t expect it and almost never have experienced it, it is something that is quite unnerving and unexpected!

In other news, though I haven’t had any sales from my site yet, I have two sets of cards that have gone. One, is my mom… does that count? The other is to one of Simon’s co-workers. He brought some to work and just placed them on his desk without mentioning anything and one of his co-workers inquired about them and took a set, while others took my business card. It is a slow start but I feel confident that things will start picking up soon enough. I got a call this week from a restaurant near me inquiring if I would like to advertise with them (I would have done it,  but their minimum was a year and was a bit more expensive them I was ready to pay and we want to be gone in a years time and they didn’t have any options with less time/money) but the fact that they called me and that they heard of me from somewhere is something!  I also got an inquiry about portraits that seemed quite positive,  so I have a feeling that things might be moving soon.

In the same news type of news, I decided to get a new lens. Lenses are expensive, especially good ones, and the thing about this lens in that it is great for portraits but the fully automatic version is over a thousand dollars which I do not have. However, there is a manual lens that is at a great price and I decided to go for it… and have not been disappointed. Being a manual lens means that it is a lot more work, and there is a big learning curve, but I have been so happy with the results after much trial and error.

Here are a few shots…

Maple Leaves

Red on blue

Oak leaf