Yesterday we went to a Well baby visit for all three boys…. the boys hadn’t been in a year and a half so I though that I should bring them in as we were going for Khéna anyways…

First I stopped off to see my grandma and got a few pics with her and the boys.. well…. Colin didn’t want to so he’s not in them…

Isn’t she beautiful! She is 83 BTW 🙂

Great-Grandma, Xavier and Khéna

Great-Grandma and Khéna

We the headed to the doc… I don’t do well baby visits often since I don’t really see the point in them since the schedule is really only for vaccines and of course I am completely against routine vaxes, especially for young children whose immune systems do not stand a chance … but I want to make sure to keep our family doc and keep a good relationship with him since he is a great doc and Quebec has a shortage… the exams were brief as they always are, and he is great with kids… talking to them, playing with them, engaging them in conversation… and he said to come back next year with Xavier and Colin…

Khéna’s appt was pretty brief also… He had nothing to say about him being born at home unassisted, though he would have liked a “at birth” weight. He asked his permission to touch him and talked to him during the exam. Khéna was calm through it all… he asked about vit D and Vax and I told him that we won’t be doing them… he asked why… I told him… he said that he doesn’t agree but that it is my choice and left it at that… he doesn’t give vaxes in his office anyways so really it wasn’t a problem… right before he went to weigh him he mentioned the birth weight again saying that it is useful to know if he is gaining… I kind of smirked and said that I am pretty sure that there was no problem….

We got the scale and he understood what I meant… but… he wasn’t the 16 pounds that we thought (Simon weighed him on the bathroom scale on wednesday)… So yesterday, At 7 weeks 3 days, he weighed in at 17 lbs 4 oz…!!!!!! meaning that he has been gaining more than a pound a week! I couldn’t believe it… but then I can… he is heavy and rolly and oh so squishy!!!

Buddha Baby

After seeing the doc I went to one of my favourite stores….Bummis!!!

They have bins under the counters with things half price so I had fun picking out some new covers… for cheap!!

Here’s what I found… aren’t they great!!!?