This is an updated version from the last one done in 2008…

1. My name is Melissa
2. I was born in Quebec but raised in Nelson BC
3. My dream is to one day go back to BC to raise my family.
4. I was raised by a single mom
5. My mom has been married twice
6. My mom had been widowed twice
7. My dad is still alive
8. My first step dad was gay and died of aids in 97
9. My second step dad died of liver cancer/cirrhosis in 2004
10. I was raised as an only child
11. I have both a step-brother and a half brother whom I don’t see or talk to
12. I have been married since May 8th 1999
13. I met Simon through a BBS
14. I was 21 when I got married
15. I have a Bachelor degree with Honours in Religion
16. I am an Atheist
17. I have never believed in religion or a god
18. I love being a mom
19. I now have three amazing boys and a beautiful girl
20. Our little girl is our last child
21. No, we weren’t “trying for a girl”
22. I find that being a mom is both rewarding and a challenge.
23. I have given birth in the hospital after a birthing center transfer
24. I have given birth in a birthing center
25. I have had two unassisted water births in my living room (1 and 2)
26. I have had three posterior births
27. I have had three long labours
28. My easiest birth was my first unassisted birth
29. My easiest birth was my biggest baby
30. I find people reactions to UC a bit funny
31. I like getting people out of their comfort zones at times
32. I am not shy
33. I am a bit shy
34. We unschool our children
35. On our first date I told Simon that if I had kids I would homeschool
36. I advocate Natural parenting and living
37. We co-sleep
38. The kids co-sleep
39. I love babywearing
40. I have way too many carriers
41. I give babywearing workshops in Montreal
42. I give EC (Elimination Communcation) workshops also
43. We have practiced EC with three of our children
44. I have breastfed all of my children
45. I have been breastfeeding non stop since July 16th 2002
46. I have tandem nursed three times
47. I have “triandem” nursed
48. Xavier weaned himself just before his fifth birthday
49. Colin weaned himself just after his fifth birthday
50. Khéna weaned himself at nearly 4 ½
51. Wilhelmina is my last nursling
52. I used to be a peer-to-peer Breastfeeding Counselor
53. We have never used a bottle
54. We have never had Formula in the house
55. I would never use artificial baby milk (Formula)
56. I was formula fed.
57. I was sick often as a child and as a teen
58. I avoid doctors
59. We don’t do “well baby visits”
60. We don’t vaccinate
61. I have asthma but I have not had many problems the last few years
62. I am very sensitive to scents
63. I love the smell of Patchouli and peppermint
64. 2nd and 3rd hand smoke trigger my asthma
65. I refuse to be around people that smoke and am not shy about it
66. I hate wearing socks and shoes
67. We have a “no shoe” rule in the house
68. I don’t wear make-up
69. I don’t use any beauty products
70. I have two tattoo’s that I got when I was 16
71. I have a tongue stud
72. I love grey hair
73. I recently started finding my own first grey hairs
74. I love to cook
75. I hate bland food
76. I make most of our food “from scratch”
77. I bake bread
78. We avoid all artificial colourings and flavours for allergy and behaviour issues
79. My favourite food is Sushi
80. Most of the cookbooks in my home are Vegan
81. I am not a Vegetarian
82. I like red meat
83. I have only started enjoying vegetables in the last few years
84. We never did “baby foods”
85. I am trying to lose weight… again…
86. I have a lot to lose
87. I am lazier then I want to be
88. I lost 50 pounds with weight watchers before I got pregnant with Xavier
89. I am addicted to the internet
90. I write many blog posts in my head in the shower
91. My best friend lives across the country (we met on the internet 😉 )
92. I love to sew
93. I hate patterns
94. I have too much fabric
95. My favourite colours are red and orange
96. I love taking pictures
97. I hate cleaning
98. I like to wash dishes but hate drying them and putting them away
99. I listen to talk radio
100. I go to bed way too late every night