I wrote one of these a few years ago… but it was a bit out of date… so here we go again 🙂

  1. I was born in Verdun (Montreal)
  2. I was raised in Nelson BC
  3. I want to go back there to live and raise my family
  4. I was raised by my mom
  5. My mom has been married twice
  6. My mom had been widowed twice
  7. My dad is still alive
  8. My first step dad was gay and died of aids in 97
  9. My second step dad died of liver cancer/cirrhosis in 2004
  10. I met my bio dad when I was 9
  11. I am now starting to get closer to him
  12. I am an only child
  13. I have both a step-brother and a half brother whom I don’t see or talk to
  14. I love being a mama
  15. I have three great boys
  16. I love being a stay-at-home mom
  17. I live about an hour out of Montreal
  18. I wish I had more of a community in my area
  19. I would love to live on a property with another family or two
  20. I met Simon through a BBS
  21. I was married at 21
  22. Next May (2008) will be our 10 year anniversary
  23. I wore ‘Docs’ under my wedding dress
  24. We got married at Montreal City Hall
  25. We are both Atheists
  26. I have never believed in a religion or a god
  27. I have a degree in religion
  28. I have always wanted kids
  29. I would like another child
  30. I have always known that I would homeschool
  31. On our first date I told Simon that if I had kids I would homeschool
  32. We are unschoolers
  33. I find Quebec to be a very unfriendly place for homeschooling
  34. I advocate Natural parenting and living
  35. I don’t wear make-up
  36. I don’t use products in my hair
  37. I have two tattoo’s that I got when I was 16
  38. I have a tongue stud
  39. I like seeing women and men with grey hair
  40. I dyed my hair red one time at the end of pregnancy with Xavier
  41. We co-sleep most of the night
  42. I love breastfeeding
  43. I have “triandem” nursed
  44. Xavier weaned himself just before his fifth birthday
  45. I am Tandem nursing Colin and Khéna (4 and 2)
  46. I was a peer-to-peer Breastfeeding Counsellor
  47. I was not breastfed
  48. I was sick often as a child
  49. I avoid doctors now
  50. I have asthma but I have not had many problems the last few years
  51. Being around smokers triggers my asthma
  52. Perfumes do the same
  53. I am very sensitive to scents
  54. I get seriously offended if someone smokes close to me or my kids
  55. Almost all of my Family and Simon’s family are smokers
  56. I hate wearing socks and shoes
  57. We have a no shoe “rule” in the house
  58. My first birth was a hospital birth
  59. I was transferred from the birthing center for failure to progress (49 hours in all)
  60. I refused the C-Section the Doctors were trying to scare me into
  61. I have had two back labours with posterior babies
  62. My second birth was a birth center birth
  63. I haemorrhaged after giving birth to Colin because of a managed 3rd stage
  64. I had an Unassisted Pregnancy with Khéna
  65. I had an Unassisted water birth with Khéna
  66. I will UP/UC again
  67. I loved birthing in water
  68. I find people reactions to UC a bit funny sometimes so I don’t hesitate talking about it.
  69. We don’t do “well baby visits”
  70. We don’t vaccinate
  71. I love to cook
  72. I hate bland food
  73. I make most of our food “from scratch”
  74. I bake bread every few days
  75. We avoid artificial colouring and flavours for allergy and behaviour issues
  76. I love Sushi and make it as often as I can
  77. Most of the cookbooks in my home are Vegan
  78. I am not a Vegetarian
  79. I don’t eat enough vegetables
  80. We never did “baby foods”
  81. I am trying to lose weight
  82. I am lazy
  83. I lost 50 pounds with weight watchers before I got pregnant with Xavier
  84. I try to swim 3 times a week… but usually only go twice
  85. I am addicted to the internet
  86. I write many blog posts in my head in the shower
  87. My best friend lives across the country (we met on the internet 😉 )
  88. I used the name “paxye” for the first e-mail account that I made about 12 years ago. A hotmail account that I still have and use for junk and MSN.
  89. I love to sew
  90. I hate patterns
  91. My favourite colours are red and Orange
  92. I love taking pictures
  93. I hate cleaning
  94. I like to wash dishes but hate drying them and putting them away
  95. I listen to talk radio
  96. I go to bed way too late every night
  97. My hair is really long
  98. I don’t use products in my hair besides Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar
  99. I love the smell of Patchouli