I love the idea of Free Range kids but I can clearly see that my kids do not have as much independence as I did at the same ages.

I am not a hovering helicopter parent, but my kids are usually not very far away from us…

How do you Slide?That's my Colin

The boys play outside around the house when they want, and Xavier often goes around the block on his bike and has started to go to the park by himself.

Colin is not going anywhere on his own yet but I am pretty sure that he will be by the end of the summer.

The first time that Xavier went to the park by himself, I have to admit that I was beyond nervous so I reflected on what made it so hard for me and I realized that it wasn’t that I was scared of strangers or anything like that, but I was scared that he might take a wrong turn and get lost or he might get hurt and not be able to get home.  I was scared that something might happen and he might not be able to give his information. So I found a solution… Vital ID bracelets... (I bought mine here)

I had seen these online and had thought that it was a great idea for when we are in crowded places in case someone gets lost. The bracelets are simple, come in cool colours and have a small waterproof ID card slipped inside that you write their information with a permanent marker. You can write as little or as much information as you want including allergies etc.. I decided to put their names, medicare # and our contact numbers.

Inside of ID Bracelet

It is small thing, but since we bought them. they have really helped me let go of my fears and give the kids a bit more of the independence I believe they deserve and lets us to move onto other steps that are necessary on their climb to independence.

ID bracelets