I am SO excited!!!

I just got hold of a montreal group that is fighting for womens right to a midwife and to a free homebirth!!! I had done tons of searches in the past and ever found them before and now that I did I am so happy… they even have an e-mail list and everything!!

Well, I called and the woman at the end of the line was so nice… I wanted to call and ask if the letter could be done by a Chiro and she was confused as to what letter I was talking about… when I told her she said that that is what the Civil office often tells people but that there is NO law about it… she then said that all I have to do is after the birth to give them a call, talk to the supervisor right away and tell them that I just gave birth at home and that I would like a “declaration solonelle”… they will just ask about the date, time and sex of the baby and then send it to me, I then fill it out and send it back and that is it…
She then said that if I have problems because it is rare and the officers are often mis/non informed on the subject that they have a few people that they know well at the Civil office that will help out no prob!!!

So I don’t need to see an sOB!!!! I can just concentrate on the babe growing inside me and there has been a big weight lifted off my shoulders!!!