The weather here has been a bit crazy this past week. We have had a few sunny afternoons but we had three days of snow also so we have kept busy inside and out.

Wilhelmina is dong well, though she has a way of going from the extreme of happy to not very easily, so she when she cries, she cries hard. But I don’t think that it has anything to do with travelling then just personality. She is 10 weeks old now and is getting stronger and starting to grab things a bit.


The snowy days were mostly inside days… Lily and Leif are adorable and it has been so much fun getting to know them more as older kids.

Leif the Great Queen Lily

It is so beautiful here and the air is so pure. What I love about BC, the mountains, the water, the air, the scenery and the people, it is all here.


Meals of course are also amazing… Making our favourites and sharing recipes and hanging out with others…

(annie making potstickers)                                        (Sushi Party with  friends)

Annie making potstickersSushi :)

Thought there was snow… there have been other great days and there are definate signs of Spring…

Daffodils at dusk

and beautiful views…


and fun events…

(Launch of the Longest Canoe in North America)

Ceromy for the lauch of the longest Canoe Drummer

(that is 6’2″ Cam next to it)

Cam next to the Canoe Longest Canoe in North America

Today it is beautiful and we are heading to the boat again for a new adventure…