Well, this afternoon I have to call the Birthing Center in Nicolet (the one that put me on the waiting list) to see what if I will be able to see someone at least once. Like I explained here the head midwife is going to ask if someone can see me once before 20 weeks. They have their weekly meeting this morning so she will be able to tell me this afternoon. I tried to call her yesterday to say that I hadn’t wanted to put her between a rock and a hard spot last week when I told her that if they couldn’t take me then I would be going unassisted…and that I really was OK with itand was ready to do so… but she wasn’t there.

I think that I would like to go for a sonogram like I did with the boys at around 20 weeks… It wasn’t really the fact that I wanted to see if everything is ok (though that is a bonus) it was just amazing that we could look inside and see our baby… it just made it even more “real” (for Simon also)….

Even if I don’t get in with the midwives I think I will seek one out anyways..

Ughh….I hate waiting…