At the end of last summer a family moved into the house in front of ours. I have never talked to them, not even exchanging a nod or anything. They have two little girls, I would have to say that one is about 7-8 and the about 6… A little more then an hour ago they came home from school and the dad decided to take them on a bike ride. The little one clearly didn’t know how to ride a bike and fell quite a few times. No one helped her or encouraged her and she quickly became frustrated and threw her bike down on the ground and stormed to the front of the house. The older sister waited a few seconds but the dad just got off his bike and put her bike back in the back of the house and then left with the older girl. A few minutes later the little girl asked her mom to have the bike again, the mom refused and said that she had to go anyways and told her to get in the car. She got even more upset and wanted to go back in the house but the door was already locked… she then went in the car and then promptly got out and slammed the door. The mom just stayed in the car and didn’t say a word. When the Dad came back he asked what happened and the mom told him… the little girl he got all red in the face and crying was hudled near the front door…

The Dad told the mom to go and told the girl to go to her room… she said that the door was locked and he just kept on screaming at her while he unlocked the door. When the door was open he told her to get up and she did, very quicky, not noticing that the window above her head was open, (she knocked her head so hard that I heard it from inside my living room) she then fell to the ground… the dad told her to get up, grabbed her arm and then shoved her into the house without even checking her head and told her to go to her room… he then went in briefly, got a beer and a chair and sat outside the door… He is still sitting there and it has been about 40 mins… the little girl has come to the door twice and each time he told her to get back in and then closed the door loudly behind her….
How can people treat their kids so poorly?

I have a feeling that the whole situation could have been avoided if one of the parents would have encouraged and helped her in the first place.