First…. On Tuesday morning after bring Xavier to Daycare I went to the “Recyclo-Centre” and found an Espresso machine for 6$… since then I have been having late nights working on my webpage….. At first I was using FrontPage but I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted… then I looked toward another program and got my hands on Dreamweaver…. for the past while I have been stuck on unlearning what I knew in FrontPage and learning Dreamweaver and I had been working on the template trying to work things out, getting everything in the right place and looking good and finally finished on Thursday morning and then worked all day Thursday transferring and fixing the work I had previously done in Frontpage to Dreamweaver….

Thursday night I was at about 3/4 done the English portion of the site and decided that on Friday morning I would publish what I had…. My computer had a different Idea though :(…. Friday morning I turn on the computer to a explorer.exe application error and a virus… it basically wiped out everything that was an Microsoft app…. anyways…. All friday I worked on it and couldn’t get it resolved (no windows program would work etc) and finally we decided that the best thing would be to do a system recovery with the CD that came with the computer…. we transferred my personal stuff and I am now starting out new…

Gladly… I save my website 🙂

So I am going to be publishing it very soon… (Maybe later or tomorrow morning)


Simon bought Candyland for Xavier yesterday and we played three rounds last night… It was the first time that we really were able to play a board game with him…. I LOVE board games and we have tons of them…. I can’t wait until it can become an activity that we do more often….


Tonight, I am going out with my good friend Isabelle and we are having a girls night out…. just going to a classy restaurant and talking… without kids, without interruptions… just to talk…. We have known each other for more then a year and this will be the second time that we go out like this…. I can’t wait!!!