Well we had a great Thankgiving Weekend… we got some house work done and on Sunday I made a big Thankgiving supper with all the fixings… I roasted my first Turkey, made roasted Garlic mashed Potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, maple glazed carrots, Roasted acorn squash, homemade bread and made butter for the first time and then of course a few desserts… Apple pie, pumpkin pie and raisin butter tarts.

Everyting turned out so yummy and though it was a lot of work it actually wasn’t too bad…

Thanksgiving Supper

My mom came for supper on Sunday and then stayed until early yesterday afternoon… it wasn’t too bad but there is still tention there and I really don’t enjoy having her around much… After supper, My next door neighbor invited me and Simon to go have a little dip in the spa… again she had it at a perfect temperature so I could stay in there for as long as I wanted without the risk of raising my temp…. it was great… It wasn’t too cold out for an October night, just perfect and the moon was still quite full and the stars were bright… it was so nice… (I brought her some apple pie)

On Monday, Simon’s mom and sister came by with sis’ new boyfriend…it was really nice to meet him and they make such a cute couple… he is really nice too… It was a gorgeous day… Simon got help getting the steps out of the pool and he put some of the summer furniture away and raked some leaves… The smokers (MIL & SIL) were pretty good and stayed in the front of the house near the end of the driveway so besides the stink that was on them I didn’t have to smell or look at people smoking in my yard or especially near the kids…My mom, who smokes something other than cigs went in her car…

Since it was such a gorgeous day we all stayed outside as much as we could and the boys helped Simon bring the leaves next to the fire using a tractor I bought for Xavier last year for his birthday… (for 5$)… It was great to see both boys work and play so well together…

Anyways… here are some pics…

Colin in the leaves

laying in the leaves...

on the trike

Colin on the trike

filling and emptying the tractor

getting the leaves ready the boys at work

bringing leaves to Daddy hard workers

making a fire

blowing on the firestay back daddy.... it's hot!

Simon’s Mom, Sister and sis’s boyfriend

Simon, his mom and the boys Dom, Ge and Simon

our pumpkin and a butterfly Simon saved from drowning

pumpkin butterfly

There are more pics on Flickr 😉