The week is over and I am starting to feel better though I still don’t want to eat much of anything… Simon had his last day of work today and is home for the next 3 weeks!! YEAH! I really want to take this time to get some alone time…. I usually don’t feel I need it but at the moment I really do… I just want to go have a coffee alone and read a book or something… something that I haven’t done in so long and miss terribly at the moment…
There are also a few things that I would love to do…

  • Go to the Beach
  • Go to the Science Museum in Ottawa and take a train ride
  • Go to Upper Canada Village
  • Go to La Ronde (amusment park)
  • Go to see my Dad up north
  • Go Garage Saleing with Natalie
  • Go out for Supper with Isabelle (the first time we would see each other without kids)

Hopefully we will do most of these and more!