I had talked about the Pearls before in one of my posts. Their book is purely disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach, I really can’t talk about it but you can read about it here….


and if you truly want to be masochistic and see how scary, sad and horrible these people are you can read the whole book here

Now they have been directly linked to the death of a child.


It is truly sad and again disgusting. How can people actually think that children need to be beaten. The Pearls even say that you shouldn’t talk about it because it because people would just not understand… however, it is more likely that they know that it is purely child abuse and know people would be outrages if they knew.
As a Result of this a Boycott has been started….

BOYCOTT: Michael Mike Debi Pearl, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, HomeschoolBlogger.com, HomeschoolBlogger, HomesteadBlogger, Homesteadblogger.com

Here is a link to Doc’s post that explains it all…