After two days of intense, muggy heat, today is cold and dreary and I am feeling the same… I have aches and the sniffles and I am just feeling under the weather completely… so I decided to spend the day on my big recliner with  a hot water/lemon/honey/cayenne concoction and change the blog a bit…

It might not show too much as I was quite happy with the design I had before so I stayed pretty close to the same, but I made a new header that keeps the elements that I loved of the other one but a lot cleaner and more fresh.

The footer is gone as I thought it was just adding clutter and the items that were there were not getting enough attention and now everything is slightly clearer.

The biggest change is that it is a new theme altogether that make things easier to modify and update in the long run.

I would love your opinion! especially for those not using a Mac..