4 years ago today I my little boy was born unassisted in our living room. My biggest baby and my easiest labour.

Today he turned 4.


huff... and puff... ma

His favourite food is Mayonaise with cheese.. he loves Sushi and Pizza, burgers and poutine. He won’t even try nut butters or citrus.

He love cars and trucks, and planes and helicopters an anything that has and engine. He still runs to the window each time the Garbage truck comes…


He is a charmer, he is sensitive, he is expressive, he is independant, he is handsome, he is funny, he is smart, he is cuddly , he is boisterous, and he is just happy…

He loves to blow kisses and give the biggest hugs…

I love this kid <3

My roley-poley baby has grown into an amazing little man.

Birthday boy