Colin turned the TV on this morning and we got a beautiful flash of light then it went dark…. leaving the behind the lovely acidic smell of burnt fuse ….

Our TV has been acting funny for a while now…. the lines that appeared on 1/4 of the screen when we turned it on and slowly went away when it warmed up just didn’t go away one day… making the characters heads in the TV screen bounce up and down upside down at the top of the screen…. Anyways… we got it about 6 years ago and it was already used at that point so it was going to die eventually….
I have to admit I do watch too much TV… but like someone already pointed out to me… my brain has already been developed so it doesn’t really matter how I waist my time… However, now with this laptop and my new site my addiction has definately taken a turn in a different direction.. However, even though I have no longer been watching TV in the daytime it is still on all day on the blue screen because we have a Dish and it is the only way I can listen to CJAD 800 my fav Montreal talk radio station (well I could do it on the net now too) and also the kids music station is a big hit….
Anyways…I got on the computer to check prices for now TV’s and a few seconds after I logged on my mom logged on to messenger…. I complained about how everything always happens at the same time (Simon’s glasses brok a few days ago too)….
Anyways… she then asked me if I would feel better I got a TV for Xmas! Of course I have to be responsable when buying it 😛 shucks…. my chance for a Plasma went out the window 😉
I checked out tons of sites and TV’s, compared prices and styles and finally found the TV I want… and of course it was out of stock at every Best Buy that I called in the area… Then I decided to try one last one and they have one in stock and I finally convinced them to put it aside for me because I don’t want to drive an hour to get there and then have it no longer be there… so I am on my way there soon…. Ahh the Joy of spending someone elses money…