A few weeks ago Simon talked about looking into tickets for me to go on a trip to BC to see Annie. I brushed it off a bit thinking that we could never afford it.

But the thought of it was just too great to brush off completely.

I looked into ticket prices but then stopped again when I realized how expensive the trip from Vancouver to Prince-Rupert was, more expensive even than the cross country flight from Montreal to Vancouver.

But after a few weeks of thinking about it and after a conversation about people using their Air Miles to make it more affordable, I decided to look into it and see if I had enoughAir Miles to cover that portion of the trip and to my surprise, I had more than enough. Suddenly, the trip was a bit more realistic price wise.

Of course, then came the idea of leaving Khéna behind… A little more than a month ago, when the idea first came up, Khéna was still nursing many times in the day and always cuddled on my lap. He nursed to sleep and was very much a mama’s boy… but with the birth of his little sister, something happened.

He isn’t asking to nurse as often, even sometimes going without nursing for a day or two. He hasn’t nursed to sleep since her birth either, instead he just lays down next to me or for the last two weeks goes into his bed and lays down with Simon next to him and falls asleep all by himself. He hangs around with his brothers more and goes to see Simon when he gets hurt. He is not the same little boy that I had a little more than a month ago. He is now a kid, a big brother, and though I know that I will miss him and he will miss me, I also know that he will be perfectly fine staying with his Dad and brothers while I take this oppurtunity that might not come again anytime in the near future.

So we decided that I should do it….

So, I am going on a trip! I bought my tickets this weekend and will be flying out to Vancouver on the 29th of March with Wilhelmina. My mom will be in Vancouver also at the that time, so she will be meeting me there and we will be hanging out together for a few days. Then, on the morning of April 1st I will be flying up to Prince-Rupert and hanging out with Annie for 3 weeks!

I am so excited (and quite nervous to be leaving my family and home for three weeks). Simon has things planned for himself and the boys so they won’t have too much time to miss me… I can’t believe that we were able to make it work and  I am actually doing it!