•  The morning the clocks change and you are supposed to magically have one more hour of sleep is the morning that 3 out of your 4 children will break their routine and wake up at 5:30 (4:30 standard time) and not be able to go back asleep.
  •  Asking children to clean up their rooms will ensure that they disappear into their rooms and will play together perfectly and quietly for as long as possible.
  •  A toy can be unplayed with and uninteresting for weeks.. until it is put away.
  •  Someone will go out of their way to walk through the dust pile you made when sweeping.
  •  A meal will be your child’s new favourite food until the next time you make it, then they will not even touch it.
  •  Everyone will be perfectly content and happy until you hit the crucial part of supper making.
  •  If you stop what you were doing to answer a child’s question, they will wander away once you start answering.
  •  The farther you are to the bathroom, the more pressing the need to go.
  •  At a restaurant, someone will always pick the exact time that the food is arriving to need to poo.
  •  A child will be all smiles and wanting all of your attention, until a camera comes out.


 Is it just us?