During the daytime I find it hard to get into the sewing room. I mean, I don’t mind when Wilhelmina is with me, though she does get into everything. But it is when she is not with me that I worry what she is getting into because she is the type of kid that is always getting into something.

So during the day, while the kids are doing their own thing and I have done what I want to do around the house, I either read, which doesn’t work for long because I am always interrupted or I am on the computer and honestly I am getting sick of it. The computer is such a waste of time. I read the news, read a few blogs, go on Facebook, search for things the kids ask me, check a few random sites, get lost on Pinterest or Foodgawker, watch a TV show online etc… but really what I am doing? Not that much… at least nothing that I feel really good about at the end of the day.

So I decided that I would get back into Knitting and Crochet. I have known the basics of knitting since I was a kid, but I have never really made anything more than a swatch, and I tried a bit of crochet a few years ago but didn’t really get far into it. I had the tools that were passed down to me years ago, and I am now taking the time.

I got all of my things out last week and used one day to practice knitting using the Stitch N’ Bitch book that my friend Gen passed on to me. I had never really lost the technique but I just got my hands used to the motions again.

The next day I taught myself how to Crochet.

I started by the basics: making a chain, single, half-double, double etc and then after not long, I made my first granny square.


I am now working on a different type of square that I will be able to piece together into a blanket. I love being able to do something that I have something to show for at the end of the day and that I can do when I am with the family and not hidden in my sewing room. I also love that I can do it and it doesn’t matter if I am interrupted.

What is also great is that Colin is interested in learning how to knit now and Wilhelmina has been playing with a ball of yarn and crochet hook and wants to do like me. Maybe this will catch on.