Well, this weekend went quite well with my decluttering and purging.

3 bags of clothes and shoes went to the Recyclo-Centre and so did the bed base.

They didn’t take the mattress because of a small hole but it will be going into the garbage this week.

I cleaned and took away things in my closet and drawers and though I would like to make more stuff dissapear eventually and there are still two drawers in my room that need to be done it makes such a huge difference already. But I now no longer have sock with holes or sock that slide down. I no longer have underwear that I ashamed of and no longer have any bras that don’t fit or are from my teen years.
I also tackled the bathroom. Cleaning out old old makeup that I never use and would never use again, the hundreds of extra elastics, hair clips etc that are so old that they break if you use them… old meds, soaps, bath oils etc and even a few perfume bottles… 2 of them made me a bit sad since they were given to me by Miguel many years ago. But I would never use them and they have just been collecting dust for years…. besides I still have the tin box that they came in that holds a few pictures and a few other souvenirs from my childhood.

2-3 weeks ago I had also started in the kitchen. and though it is not finished yet, it is pretty much half done and already makes things so much easier…

With the MDC thread I am keeping a running tally of the number of items that have permenantly left my home. A few things have been rounded off to a smaller number because I just stopped counting at one point… but the numbers are great and I hope to get a lot more… so to share and keep thing going… I have added the running tally to the sidebar here too…