I had a volunteer meeting tonight… I got back and DH had a worried look on his face and said in a weird voice that something happened… both kids were running around when I walked in so I didn’t know at all what to expect and Simon just said that I had to go see something…. I walked into the bathroom where he was and he put Xavier on the counter… Xavier smiled showing a big gap… Just after I had left he was playing and fell and had knocked his tooth out… … Dh called the CLSC (nurses line) and we have to make an appt at the Dentist tommorow.. Simon said that he didn’t bleed much andhe did a great job at making him feel OK about the loss… (really proud of the way that he handled things)

I am wondering a bit what to expect… His gum is pretty knocked up and bruised and the space was already pretty small and his other tooth is a bit wobboly (both front teeth have been wobboly for a while) I know that thus is a bit petty… but I am really mourning his smile …

August 2661.jpg

August 2671.jpg

knocked out tooth