The construction here started last week and besides for last Friday, there was someone here every day last week… first to take the walls out that were damaged and then replace them and then the plaster…
Over the weekend Simon took all of the furniture out of the guest room and the Office and put it all in the Play room… and then yesterday a guy came and ripped out all of the floors in those two rooms… Today, they are putting the new floors in and then we can start transferring things back… then they are going to paint the walls where they need to, put new tiles in the little corner in the laundry room and then disinfect the floors… hopefully being done by the end of the week….
Though it is a real pain and I wish it would not have happened there are some good things that will come out of it….
First, the old owners didn’t do a great job of putting the floors and they used the cheapest possible… the new floors will be better quality and will be professionally installed and I was able to choose the colour so it will fit with our furniture.
Another good thing is that I am going to be very careful about goes back into those rooms. There was WAY too much clutter there. My sewing space was in the Office along with the computer desk, Simon’s Computer, all of our bookshelves and books and really my sewing space was overrunning the rest.
The guest room was also a sore spot. Too much furniture and too much stuff in there that didn’t have a space… It is also where Simon keeps his dresser and clothes and with all of the stuff in there we had to make room for people if they came over… really not ideal. So… I got rid of the excess furniture by giving it away 2 weeks ago and I would like to put Simon’s dresser in the Closet… that way I could have my sewing space in there.
So hopefully by the end, we will have two rooms that function well and that we can really use to their full potential without extra clutter. They will hopefully be easier to keep clean also..