I borrowed this post from Sara…. I have been wanting to write something simular for a while now.. but she said it too perfectly…

I have strong feelings (some call them opinions.) They’re my reality. They’re based on instinct and intuition. They feel right to me. I share them. I never intend the sharing of my feelings and thoughts as harassments of the choices of others. However, sometimes people respond defensively to what I say. I think that if those people truly felt secure in their choices, they wouldn’t feel so affected by what I say.

I don’t doubt that others who choose different ways love their children as much as I love mine. I don’t live up to my ideals, but I’ll keep those ideals anyway. Circumstances, even financial ones, don’t change what is. That excuse will never convince me of anything.

I don’t believe that my way is the one right way. I just know what feels right for me and for my babies. That’s all.

So, why do I share? Because I learned from the shared thoughts and feelings of others, especially from the ones who challenged me.

Thanks Sara 🙂