Man, time flies by… but then again, it feels like we have had him around for an eternity.

7 years ago yesterday I gave birth to my first son. A long labour, a transfer, a lot of fighting against the “professionals” and he was born quickly when he decided that he was ready…

Pretty much sums up our life with him now 🙂

Here he is at 22 hours old…

xavier 22 hours old

Xavier was born awake and alert he has always looked a bit older than he was.  He was not a napper from day one and resisted  sleep in the day but slept very well at night and hasn’t changed.

He was fast at physical things like sitting and crawling and was walking at 9 months but he was slow when it came to talking though he had no problem communicating. He has always been a bit different from other kids… he wouldn’t let us read stories to him and would cry when we sang songs…

~9 months~

Xavier 9 months

At just over 2 he became a big brother for the first time and the first thing he did when we all got home was hit Colin over the head with a toy car… It was a foundation for their relationship 😉

Xavier and Colin

Then,  just over 2 years later, he became a big brother again…

Dec 065-1-2

It is amazing to see how much Xavier has grown and who he is becoming.

He has so much spirit and can be exhausting at times and the most amazing help at others. He is funny and is becoming a real joker and loves making his brothers laugh. He is a perfectionist and needs to know that he can do something before showing us that he can so there are many things that he can do that we are only discovering.

Xavier has an amazing memory for names and details, it surprises us each day the things he can remember. He remembers things from years ago and talks about them like they were yesterday, details and names of characters from movies and games etc.

He loves Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons and has been really into computer games and starting to role play D&D games with Colin and Simon. At the moment he also loves to swim and is now starting to swim under the water and getting things on the floor of the pool. His abilities have progressed so quickly over a few weeks… at the beginning of the summer he didn’t even want to put his head under and now he is diving and swimming all the way down!

Xavier underwater

Xavier and Colin came back from the cabin on Wednesday evening and we had supper and then did his cake…

chocolate… his favourite!

Happy 7th Birthday Xavier!!!

Happy 7th Birthday Xavier!!!

Then yesterday we woke up early and went out for breakfast and then went on a shopping spree for a few toys… Star wars toys were the main choice along with a floating toy for the pool…  Then we grabbed some lunch and headed home where we gave him the “big gift”… Actually, both Colin and Xavier got one because of the great deal I got on the a few months back….

They got the AT-TE they wanted!!

Both of them were really happy 🙂

They got the AT-TE they wanted!!

Wow…. 7 years old… Happy Birthday Kid!!!