Well it is official!

I just bought tickets for BC yesterday!

No, we’re not going to live there, not yet anyway, but we are going out for a vacation.

I am so excited! We leave on July 24th and Simon will be back on the 14th of August because he has to go back to work, but I will be back about a week or two later… I asked my dad to come house sit while we’re gone and to take care of the cat. I feel better knowing that someone will be here to watch out for the house.

On August 2 we have a big reunion party in Nelson, and I can’t wait to see people that I have not seen in years. I also can’t wait to see my really good friend that lives in Nanaimo and whom I speak to everyday but I have never met in real life. I am also looking forward to see my mom and for her to see the boys, and I think the boys are looking forward to seeing her too. There are so many things that I am looking forward to on this trip!!

Another cool thing is that my mom is renting us a car while we are out there. So we will be able to travel freely and at our own rhythm with the kids while we go from Vancouver to Nelson and back.

Now to get things ready for the trip…

I think we have a lot to do!