Last night was one of my favourite nights of the year. An evening when you can walk in the neighbourhood and see kids laughing and running from house to house. People talk when they pass in the street or at the least say Hi and smile.

Yesterday Simon stayed home from work. We watched our favourite cartoons and had a relaxing day before getting dressed to go out…

Wilhelmina was just waking up from a nap when it was time to get dressed so we were able to get her dressed with the promise that we would be going out walking afterward which made all of the misery of getting a costume on disappear. We left a bit early so that I could use what was left of the natural light for a few pictures.

(My Fairy princess, General Grievous, Fireman, and, Harry Potter)

 Wilhelmina the fairy princessGeneral GreviousKhéna the FiremanHarry Potter

Halloween 2011


We headed out into the neighborhood only going to a few houses at first but mostly walking around and taking in the beautiful evening..

through the park here I am...

Heading out... the General

Simon and the kids…

Simon and the Kiddos

Wilhelmina was way too small last year to realize anything that was happening but this year she was so excited to follow her brothers to a few doors… at first she would walk up to the door but then shy away the minute she recieved any attention from the person giving candy but then she started to think that the whole thing was a blast and the more doors they went to the more she wanted to go to. By the end of the evening she was running along side her brothers and waiting patiently with them when they knocked and said “trick-or-treat!”

walking with daddy

Trick or treat


After about 2 1/2 hours of walking and enjoying the evening while the kids trick-or-treated… we ended up back home where we turned on our lights for the tail end on the night and our chance to give out candy also… (the candy that we had just picked up but can’t eat) We ate some candy, watched some Hallowe’en specials and then one by one sleep overcame the kids and we headed to bed… What a great night…

Hope you also had a great Hallowe’en!!!

our pumpkins 2011