I mentioned on my NaBloPoMo post that I blog for myself, as a journal of sorts, and I wanted to expand on that thought.

Blogging can be a lot of things for a lot of people. Some blog for money, some want a lot of readership and some sort of fame on the net, some have a specific theme and just talk about that, some write reviews for products and some like me just blog about their lives and what they are thinking…. The latter is what I do and is the format of the blogs I read. I am just turned off by many blogs these days that seem to be in it only for the money or fame… the posts never feel genuine, like they are coming from the person writing, but  are just aiming to please everyone in order to not lose readership…

I started blogging because I needed a place that was my own, to speak my mind without needing to really watch what I say, to rant about things that I don’t agree with, talk about things that I do and to share in the way that I choose to parent. I knew when I started that there would be many who didn’t agree with me, since I was used to that and I was so surprised at the first comments I got from complete strangers, but  it showed me that I was not alone in my thinking.

Over the years there have been a few controversial topics that have come up, and because I am not blogging to make money, or have the largest readership, or make everyone happy, I haven’t hesitated in speaking my mind. I have had some awful comments over the years and some heated debates, but I have had more people leave positive comments and I have never felt like I wanted to do anything less than write what is on my mind. Because, when it comes to the end of the discussion, this is my blog, this is a place were I can be myself and really share the way I feel.

That is the beauty of blogging for yourself.