I just need to scream… wait I need to do it again… ARGHHHHHH!!!!!! Ok starting to feel better….

So yesterday we kept Colin temp under control and he actually was doing a lot better… In the morning I went to the pharmacy and stocked up on everything that I could imagine so that I will never see a seizure again… a new thermometer, tylenol and Motrin so that if one doesn’t work, I have the ther to alternate with.
I am am REALLY not a fan of giving medicine o even controlling a fever, but with Colin ad his history of fever spikes and having trouble controlling them I don’t ever want to take the chance again… I also picked up the prescription for antibiotics for his sinus infection… again another thing that I would have second guessed but with hi white blood cell count so low his body is just not strong enough to ward off such an infection without a big and long fight… so I welcome the help…
Anyways… he got a first doase at the hopital on sunday, we gave him three doses yesterday and yesterday he started throwing up and had diahrea… we wondered if it was just the virus progressing…
This morning when we got up he had hives and instanty realized that it was a reaction to the antibiotics (penicillin) so I brought Xavier to Daycare early, got them to give him breakfast and headed for the hospital. We waited about 5 minuted for Triage and were coded a priority 2, so we would go pretty fast…. (the waiting time for a priority 3 was about 18 hours!!!!)
About 40 minutes later we got in to see a doctor, got a new precription for a new antibiotic, codiene and benadryl to get the reaction under control and we were out the door…
I passed by a new clients home on the way to the pharmacy and she bought a wrap that I had in stock, answered a few questions about breastfeeding and headed to the pharmcy again….
Got the meds, came home, gave it Colin (2 of them have 10ml doses) ad then he threw it all back up a few seconds later… Arggh…. gave it to him again and he finally kept in down…..
And to top the day off… I started my Period… Like I really needed that today….
But, hey… it confirms my chart and when I think I ovulated….