After a lot of thought I have decided to invite a friend to the birth if I feel the need…

Though I need to be alone in labour, I also need someone there to do certain things for me, bring water, bring tinctures,make tea and help clean up afterwards and of course, be around for the kids. Though Simon is an amazing help, depending on the time of the birth and the kids needs I don’t want to expect that he can do everything. Of course if things happen in the night and there is no need to be a parent then things will most likely go smoothly but if not, I think it would good thing to have someone else here.

Furthermore, though Simon’s usual route to work takes about an hour and half (we live almost 100km away) if I were to call him in the daytime when there are no express buses, the route would take about 3 hours. Depending on how labour is progressing, I am not too sure about my feelings of being a mom of three for three hours while having contractions.

The friend that I have invited is a fellow UCer, a UCer that knows exactly why I feel the need to birth alone, because she has the same reasons. I know that she will not panic, that she will not be invasive, that she will be what I need her to be. Either to take care of the kids, or be around when Simon is doing so, just be another pair of hands to help. She also lives on the route that Simon would take to get back home, so if something were to happen in the daytime, she could leave her kids with family, in the time that it takes for Simon to get to the Metro and she could pick him up and do the rest of the route together. Shaving at least an hour, if not more, off of the travel time.

It was hard decision to make, to have someone in “my space” while giving birth, but I feel a relief that if I need someone, she will be there and she will be exactly what I need. She is pretty excited too 🙂