I want to move… but the thought of moving is so daunting.

We moved out of the city to have a yard, to have a bit more space, to have less noise and to have our own place. We moved so far out of the city because it was the cheapest option, cheaper even than renting. But rents have gone up, home prices have gone up and we are still a one income family with 4 kids instead of 1.

I have long wanted to move back to BC where I was raised, but Simon’s stable job is hard to leave behind when there is a family to take care of. After SMUG (the Summer Montreal Unschooling Gathering) I realized that we were really missing out on a community. The people I love to be around, that share the same interests, whose children are my children’s friends are all far away. Though I try to get out to Montreal often, it is often not often enough and I feel that my kids are really missing out on having a community and having those friends on a regular basis.

So, we have been thinking abour selling the house and moving back to Montreal. Even if it means renting again and no longer having a place of our very own. So after the work is done in the house we will be thinking about putting it up for sale. It makes my palms sweat thinking about it though…  Selling a house with a family of six living in it, packing boxes, downsizing when we have little space as it is.

I do think that it would be worth it… won’t it?

Have you moved? Have you went from owning to renting? Have you downsized with a big family? I would love to hear stories, opinions and have suggestions…