Well… it’s the 24th today and we are having our traditional Fondue supper tonight. Simon’s Mom and Sister won’t be here for the first time in a few years because of work schedules but will be here new years day instead. So originally it would have been just my mom and her new boyfriend… however… this week my dad called me (biological dad) and asked what our plans were inquiring if we were going away or not… So I invited him too… I don’t think my mom was too happy but she didn’t say anything, she was about to but I interrupted her saying that I didn’t think she would mind especially since she had invited him in the past when we used to do this fondue supper at her house… I really don’t think that she as a problem with it herself but I think it will make her new boyfriend a bit uncomfortable. Honestly, I don’t care at all… and I think that she knows that that is not a valid excuse for me… especially since I rather that he not even be here (of course she doesn’t know that)…
It will be weird though having both my mom and dad here though… it is not often that I have seen them together, especially for more then just a few minutes.
But, with my Dad here I have some real help in the kitchen… My dad is a professional cook and makes the most amazing food… nothing fancy but very tasty… he has worked in lodges, restaurants, bars…doing short order stuff and more…
I used to think that my mom was the best cook and she is pretty good but everything that she makes has the same flavour… it’s not like it’s bland or anything… she has always been good on giving foods great taste and she makes the best Spaghetti sauce… but all of her other food is always “a la mexicaine” which is good for a few things but after a while you get tired of the same flavours and spices and her spices are also old and taste it… I mean I think that some of the spices in her kitchen are older then me!
Anyways…it’s been a while now that she doesn’t help at all when she comes over anyways… she will make drinks and she makes an amazing Caesar but she’d rather drink them and she does.. and wine and a few tokes and well just isn’t able to help anymore…
Anyway… we are broke this year but the kids are getting tons of presents… I went bargain shopping at a local thrift store… they get toy donations all year long but only take the toys out before x-mas so there are tons and they are really cheap…They put out new toys on Tuesdays and Fridays which happened to be the days that I brought Xavier to daycare..
Here are some things that picked up…

Puzzles: 25 cents each ,
Puzzle Book with 6 puzzles (block pieces) 1$
3 Playmobile construction trucks with people 3$,
Playmobil Pirate ship +all of the pieces +pieces for other sets (a BIG bag) 4$,
Cabbage Patch baby that goes in the Bath 2$,
Cloth Big top circus with wooden animals and pieces 75 cents
Two different themed (same company) Train sets with all of their pieces 2$ each
One Battery operated Thomas train set 3$ (had a pull back and go Thomas in the bag too)
A Rain stick .75 cents
A Vintage Fisher Price Circus Train 1$
Hot Wheels grand stand and track 1$
PlayDough Dentist set (you make the teeth and then be the dentist) 2$
Big Bag of Playdough Toys (Deserted Island theme) 3$
Fisher Price Plane 1$
Hobberan sphere 1$
Musical instruments (vintage Fisher price stuff) 2$
View Master with slides 1$
2 String Puppets 2$

And more!!!!

So, the boys are getting one “new’ gift each and the rest is all stuff that I got there, and there are even too many things that there are gifts for other occasions also…

Well… I need to get the house clean… Happy holidays for those who celebrate in the days to come… I’ll have pics tomorrow….