On Wednesday we went to Ottawa for the day…. I got lost on the way there by taking the wrong highway (towards Toronto instead of Ottawa) and I still don’t know exactly where the mistake happened… Anyways… We got to Ottawa a bit later then planned but it worked out well cause we got there for lunch, DH wanted to try Taco Bell for the first time in his life (we don’t have any in Quebec) and then we went to the Museum of Science and Technology… There we got to go on a small train ride which Xavier loved and then we explored the museum for a few hours… It was great… Colin was happy in the sling, in his daddy’s arms and in the stroller… and Xavier was happy that he could touch everything and that everywhere there were buttons that did cool things…
At 3pm we decided to watch a show on electricity, we didn’t know how Xavier would be because he could never sit and listen to anything like this before… It turned out great… Xavier even put up his hand like the other kids when the guy asked questions and clapped when others clapped… (this is the first time I have seen Xavier do this)
At another part of the museum, while each of us parents were with Xavier respectively we got to send a picture post card by email at a cool both explaining how pics are put on computers and what pixels etc mean…. here are our postcards…

Anyways… we left the musuem all with a smile and I even got to grab a pack of freeze dried Astronaut “ice cream” from the gift shop which has always been my treat when I go there!

After the Museum we wanted to go to the Byward Market in downtown Ottawa… and we where trying to get there when we got to a construction zone… There was two ways to go… straight on the road that we were headed but we had to go around something for a few feet and go into the other lane or in another direction that we had no idea where it would lead to… we say another car going in the straight direction that had ont licesence plates so I decided to follow him… well we get pulled over right away and along with 5 other cars that made the same mistake… the lane that we had to go in for a few feet was a bus lane… while the officer was in his car doing all of his checks and writing up 6 tickets more then 2 dowzen cars passed my in the “forbidden lane” and one even ran a red light almost hitting a pedestrian.. a few even got warnings but there was no more place to pull over so they only got a warning… us 6 got tickets of 110$… ARGHHH….
My first Ticket….
Well.. after that I didn’t want to go to the byward market anymore and I when I stopped to ask directions I asked a few locals if they knew any good places to eat in the area and they pointed us to Elgin street which had quite a few restaurants and we ended up eating quite well! (I had fried zucchini sticks and a plate of mussles)
We then went to get sweets to calm me down from what happened before… When we went into a really candy candy store there called Sugar Mountain I got the suprise of my life when they had Chocolate Frogs (with a collectable wizard card)… and then I went to get a gelato…
Anyways… we left Ottawa at almost 10 pm and I had to drive the 3 hours back home… I listened to my audio Harry Potter (I am re-reading the fifth book before I dive into the 6th) and in the last half hour I woke Simon up to talk to me but finally got home at about 1 am…. I really hate driving at night!!
Well that was our day in Ottawa… in general it was fun but I wish the signs were clearer and the local knew where they were going! lol