One of the myths I hate because it is so believed….

“I don’t want to breastfeed because I don’t want my breasts to sag”

“My breasts were down to my knees because of breastfeeding”

It has always been a myth, breastfeeding does NOT cause sagging, but so many insist that it is true…

maybe now they will listen…

ScienceDaily (Nov. 5, 2007) — Nursing mothers needn’t worry. A new study shows that breastfeeding does not increase breast sagging. University of Kentucky plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Rinker and his colleagues conducted the study with patients at UK HealthCare Cosmetic Surgery Associates. The study found that breastfeeding does not adversely affect breast shape.


The results showed no difference in the degree of breast ptosis (TOE-sis)– the medical term for sagging of the breast–for those women who breastfed and those who didn’t. However, researchers found that several other factors did affect breast sagging, including age, the number of pregnancies, and whether the patient smoked.