The last few days I have been having bouts of realizations.

Not too too long ago in my memories, motherhood was so far away.

I didn’t have any children around me, no one that I really knew had kids. Still, most of my friends from pre-mamahood are still childless. Motherhood was often a very foreign idea to me, yet I knew that I wanted it. I knew that I would love it, I knew that it would change my life, I knew that I would stay-at-home with them, I knew that I would raise them the way that I believe children are meant to be raised.

Today, as I sat at my kitchen table, I looked at Simon, my husband, the love of my life, holding my third son. My other two boys were sitting at the table laughing. I realized that I am a mom. Of course I know that I am a mom… but it is that realiation that I get at timeswhen the idea sinks in just a tiny bit more…

Not only am I now a mom… I am a mom of three.

Three wonderful, beautiful, loving, melt-your-heart boys.

For a few seconds I had flashes of the future.

Going on outings, reading together learning through life together.

I will always be their mom.

In their eyes, The food I make will be the best food, my arms will always be open and they will see me as being beautiful.

I truly love Motherhood.