Last weekend I found umbrella’s on sale and bought 2 for them… this came at the perfect time since the rain is comming (though you wouldn’t guess with the snow we are having today) and Xavier has been asking for an umbrella…. the same day that I bought it it rained a bit and he went outside for a few minutes to try it out…

March 2521

March 2541

March 2431

March 2441
March 2481


Here is Simon doing some housework with Colin….

March 2731

March 2801

When he bends down Colin’s feet can touch the floor LOL


Xavier and Colin got some bath toys at X-mas…. one of the toys had bath crayons with it… Colin is great with them and Xavier… well he gets a bit “over-zealous”…..

Notice the big “A”‘s

March 3171


Like I said, Last Sunday was Simon’s Birthday… Xavier asked if he would have a Darth Vader on his cake like the Cake Xavier had for his birthday last year.

So Simon asked me to put the Darth Vader on the cake for Xavier and also wanted me to put the little “Dora” figurines that we have to make Colin happy…

Well… It wasn’t that big of a Cake and they didn’t all fit so I decided to just put Vader and Dora….

So I had a Vader figurine in one hand with his lightsaber ready to go… and I Dora in the other hand with a Party hat and her Hands up in the air… and decoration icing in the pantry…..

it was just too perfect and I couldn’t resist….

March 2571

March 2601

and of course Boots….. poor boots….

March 2591