OMG!! How can people be so ignorant! There has been so much talk about nursing in Public since Barbara Walters and Star Jones made really awful comments on “The View” (and then of course BW lied about them after a Protest was done!)
Anyways… What can be more natural then feeding a baby… As time goes on I am just getting sick and tired of hearing about the Guilt that is laid on the backs of mom’s that Formula feed because they are tired of hearing about the importance of Breastfeeding… Get Over it… It is proven that Breast is Best! There is no way around it and there are serious risks to not breastfeeding and risks that are associated with Formula Feeding.(Hello!! It is not even TESTED!!!) Of course we never hear about them because we don’t want to make those moms feel Guilty!! OMG Wake up and get over your selves! If you are so confidant in your child being healthy and happy on formula and you really think that Formula carried no risks and that it is just as good as breast milk then you wouldn’t feel guilty!! It is because you know that it is best but you don’t care and just don’t want to breastfeed for reasons that are completely selfish that you feel guilty… and I am not talking about the 1% of Moms that physically can’t breastfeed, or the ones that tried and didn’t have the right support etc… (They didn’t make the choice not to breastfeed, the choice was made for them and that is why formula exits)
No, I am talking about the ones that made the conscious choice not to breastfeed (or weaned very early) for stupid, immature and selfish reasons. The ones that care about taboo’s and that see breasts as sexual items or just don’t want to take the time or the “effort”… I just wish people could get over their hang-ups of the female Breast… What do they think they are made for? If they where made solely for their husbands pleasure it wouldn’t be milk in them but Beer!
Seriously… If someone wants me to use a blanket to cover my child’s head while they are nursing I want them to do the same thing to their child… Formula feeders always use the worst term for NIP and I am sick of it… If I hear “She just whipped out her boob and stuck in her babies face” one more time I am going to yell “at least I am not shoving a artificial nipple full of toxic sludge into my baby, and at least I care enough for my baby to breastfeed him
OK… Of course not all Formula feeders are like this but as time goes on there are more and more (or I am just hearing it more and more) I am tired of hearing about the right to Formula feed… That’s your right yes… but don’t tell me that the artificial way of feeding a child is better and should be seen and that breastfeeding shouldn’t…
I will Breastfeed my Child in Public when he is hungry and when he needs it! I will hide the fact that I am breastfeeding just because it may make someone feel uncomfortable. If I am expected to do that I expect that women will no longer were Tops that show any amount of breast and that Bottle Feeding Moms will also have the same expectations put on them… Hey I feel uncomfortable too when I see a baby being given a bottle (but guess what! I don’t say anything and I just look away!!!)