Well, the day has come…

I am all packed and pretty much ready to leave. I just need to finish up a few things and get my mind into gear. I did the grocery shopping yesterday, so Simon and the boys are set for at least weeks worth of meals… I have talked to the boys many times about my leaving but I think that they all understand to varying degrees. I am still a bit worried about Khéna but I know that things will go great, he is with his dad and his brothers and they have things planned.

(I cut his hair yesterday)


So, I am ready, my flight is at 6:20pm but I will be heading out in the rain today at about noon, heading to Costco to pick up a few Montreal treats to bring out west and then heading to my friend Gen’s house and hang out until her parter gets home. I will able to leave the car with her until I come back and she will be bringing me to the Airport today and then picking me up on the 22nd of April.

I can’t believe that I will be in Vancouver tonight!

My mom is also in Vancouver, so I will be hanging around with her until I head up to Prince-Rupert on Thursday morning. I am so excited to be with my best friend for three weeks also… oh… the cooking we will do and the pictures we will be taking together! It will be great!

Here is a pic from the last time we were together…

The two families