This summer a friend passed along my name to a new and amazing Montreal buisness called Melons & Clementines for the potential of giving babywearing classes. This little shop in the NDG district of Montreal is all about breastfeeding. Clothes, accessories, pumps, babywearing shirts and carriers. Not only that, but while you shop, you can sit down and have tea and a lunch while the kids play in the kids corner, all in a very breastfeeding friendly environment. They also have a private room and a schedule for lacation consultants for moms that might need help.

I talked over the phone with two wonderful women that started this little shop, Renee and Marie-Maude, and I went to meet them soon after to talk about what they needed and soon after we set the date for the first workshop. Not only am I giving a babywearing workshop but also an EC one, and not only is it great to meet new people and talk and share about two subjects that I love, I am also making a small amount of money (at least to cover my transporation… lol)

If you are in Montreal, do go and have tea and hang out, you won’t regret it… and if you are looking to learn more about EC and/or babywearing, come to one of my workshops… the next one will be this saturday, with EC in the morning at 11am and babywearing at 1:30pm… (the schedule on their site will have the next workshops when we set the dates)